Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Thrill of the Crime

If you are looking for thrill and crime, watch breaking bad online. Breaking bad is basically a crime drama series by American Television Network. It is the most watched series of the audience on cable and it has won Prime time Emmy award and many more. It is also been called the highest-rated series by Guinness World Record. Breaking bad was produced by Vince Gilligan. Breaking Bad is the story of a chemistry teacher who struggled throughout his life, character named Walter white who is diagnosed lungs cancer in the start of Series, As he was chemist so he had the knowledge of all the beneficial and harmful Chemicals. He kept the aim of securing his family financial future, so he decided to turn to the life of crime to make more money because he thought he has very little time left and he should make more money for his family by producing and selling methamphetamine. He made team with his student, methamphetamine which is drug and it is used by smokers in cigarette and injections, he started selling it. Methamphetamine has the same effects as cocaine. Watch Breaking Bad it has amazing cast line, story and thrill. It was launched in America and Canada at same time in 2008; it caught the high number of audience throughout the world. The main actor Walter white and other side characters won more than one awards in this series. If you are looking for best series to enjoy your time and get attracted by the beautiful views and story, you should watch Breaking bad online. Crime drama was always liked by boys since childhood, but now the new trend has been started girls mostly watch Crime drama and thrill to enjoy the strong story line and Characters. Breaking Bad online has been watched by very large number of girls throughout the world it is shown in reviews. Breaking bad became very popular in social media all around the world. It caught the large number of critics and follower all over the globe. Breaking Bad is not just being liked by any specific genre of age, but it is being liked by people, children to old people. It is the most watching series of the year called by American television sources. Walter white has secured his career in television by acting extra ordinary amazing in this series. He has shown dedication for family, his major aim was not money for himself because he knew he has very little time left, rather than he enter in the field of crime just to secure his family financially , so whenever he dies his family could live better life, watch Breaking Bad online if you have missed it yet, you have missed the important series of the year, It is an amazing series and it is available on many sites, it is still hot and popular among the people don’t miss the thrill of the year, get amazed by this series, Watch Breaking Bad online.

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