Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Girls Edducation

Importance of Girls Education Girls’ education is considered to be the strongest force and major key investment to change the world because, “Importance of Girls education "If our girls will be educated then our societies will be educated" A child first school is his mother's lap, he get Inspiration, education and dedication towards the benefits and important goals of his life from his mother's teachings .Mother i the first Teacher of a child. Research shows that early foundation of a child is responsible for the "building or destructing", one's personality. Educated mothers are the asset of the nation. They should be provided Teaching jobs by the government to create the enthusiasm for studies in students. They could be good motivator and self-development factor for the student. If any country wants to be successful, it should first consider Girls Education their first priority, not any country in the world could be successful without giving emphasis upon Girls education. The larger failure of progress towards the 15 year planned global millennium goals established in 2000 to create universal education (67 million primary aged children are without education), with particular emphasis on failure of education (especially girls) in Pakistan and sub-Sahara In Pakistan and sub-Sahara the major reason of the failure is their poor economic system, huger and lack of awareness among the people. They only consider surviving the way their circumstances are they don't even bother to change the way of living. In Pakistan and Sub-Sahara the major factor of failure of education is continuous increase of poverty. People send their children at the age of 5 to start working on hotels or small business places. They consider its more important to earn, so "they start earning before studying", hence in result they are getting more poor in sense of economics and literacy.

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