Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Save yourself, let the safety Angel Protect You.

Save yourself, let the safety Angel Protect You. We value each and every ordinary thing in life a lot. These might be clothes, shoes and accessories. In every day’s busiest, stuffy life and running after ordinary things; we have stopped recognizing the most valuable rules of life, which should be followed first. The worst mistake which millions of people are now a days making is; not putting up their seat belts. They consider it totally unimportant, seat belts seems to them like putting themself in a cage, but it’s not like that, seat belt hold us like angel to save incase of any accident. It also saves us from any injury which could cause by sudden shaking and getting hit by some other driver. Sometimes driver faces damage because of other driver’s mistake, in these situations seat belt hold tightly to give you control of your body to protect yourself from any injury. It is also very important for children and other person ridding on a vehicle. It is equally important for driver and rider. Putting up seat belt should not be considered obligatory and responsibility of a driver only, but this rule is equally emphasized on rider too. Incase of any accident the sudden shaking of vehicle can injure driver like ball bouncing hard within vehicle and unfortunately it’s not a football ground and your head is not a ball too. This sudden shaking can cause most dangerous results on to the driver and rider body. They can face brain damage on fracture, just because of ignoring this most important and basic rule while entering in the vehicle. It is crime too, because whenever people are ignoring basic rules for their own good, then Government has to take some actions to put the bull on track. It is our first duty to take care of our self. Never consider driving without putting up seat belt and also don’t allow your family or friends to do that. It is for our own good. Protect the best gift of God; Your own life and your love one’s too. Never forget putting up seat belts no matter in how much hurry you are; it only takes one second to put up a seat belt and it also takes one second to face any accident. Save yourself, take first second to avoid injury rather to spend days, months or years in pain. It could take your life away. Seat belt will protect you; and it avoids 70% injury chances as per the road accidents damage shows. Be Wise, Be Responsible. Save yourself, always put up seat belt, let the safety angel protect you. Thanks;-) Rehana Wazir

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